Another museum, another comb

The Museum of London, today, with 120 seven-year-olds to study Roman Britain.

There was a comb. Just the one. But it didn’t look as if it would get out many head-lice. Even in pristine, non-broken condition the teeth were too widely spaced.

They were useless, them Romans. Really lousy.

3 responses to “Another museum, another comb

  1. Lucy Corrander

    Can’t quite work out the size – looks as if it might have been pretty once and could have been the kind of comb you leave in your hair . . . But if this was for head lice – Roman lice must have been to modern lice as dinosaurs are to chickens.

  2. Lucy Corrander

    And . . . Happy Christmas!

  3. Richard Jones

    Lucy, I think you may be right; it was about 10 cm across and rather chunky given some of the other very fine Roman objects on view here and in other museums around the world. And a Merry Christmas to you too.

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