I’ve been rather busy

No blog post for 2 months — what is going on? Well, I’ve been rather busy, not least shooing the final proofs of the Beetles volume of the New Naturalist Library out of the door.

It’s on the website, though the front cover has yet to be finalized.

Nevertheless, the publication date of 30 November seems to be quite prominent, and the blurb is correct. [Note: just received notification from the publishers that although I might expect an advance copy some time in late October, the official publication date will now be 11 January 2018.]

Watch this space.

4 responses to “I’ve been rather busy

  1. Congratulations, I look forward to reading it. Meantime here’s a nice bertle from Spain you might like to see!

  2. I’m looking forward to the publication?

  3. And I am pretty sure you were talking about lice recently on the radio.

  4. Richard Jones

    There is a resurgence of headlice and entomologists talking about them every September.

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