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Surely it’s a bit late to find new things in the garden?

Actually, no. Apparently not.

Otherwise I would not have noticed an odd-looking leaf-hopper sunning itself on an ivy leaf in the afternoon sunshine. Sleeker and a tad longer than the common spittle bug, Philaenus spumarius, it had a couple of pale flecks at the wing-tips. And I wondered…..yes, Fieberiella florii.

Fieberiella florii.

Fieberiella florii.

As usual, this is a pretty rubbish photo, taken on my phone down the barrel of a microscope. Much better images here on the British Bugs website, take a look.

First discovered in the UK in 1998 (its originally from North America), it’s been found a few times in the London area. But this is the first time I’ve come across it.